‘Saucing’ the finest ingredients
for your new vehicle

Pinksauce is a vehicle broker run by myself, Chris Pink. Based in Chichester my aim is to ‘Sauce’ the finest products at the best price. My method is to keep it simple and offer a range of services to support my local community with their vehicle needs.

Why deal with Pinksauce Leasing?

We will look after all the boring stuff. Let us liaise with the Dealers so buying your new car remains fun and exciting.

We are not affiliated to any Manufacturer, Dealer Group or Finance House so we can ‘Sauce’ the whole market.

Become a Pinky Blinder...

Here at Pinksauce Leasing we love what we do and therefore our customers do too. We sent Arthur Shelby round to ask for their feedback.
Pinksauce Leasing West Sussex and Hampshire
This is the first car I have ever leased so it was great to have the expertise of Chris at Pinksauce Leasing on my side. We have known each other for 16 years and we have often spoken about my thoughts on cars in general. As a pilot I have the ultimate thrill ride as part of my job so a car just gets me from Home to plane and back. I did speak to Chris about the Seat Leon I purchased because I value his opinion and knowledge but when that started to have issues after 5 years I thought it was time to treat myself. I asked Chris to keep an eye out for a decent vehicle at a crazy price and when he called me to say we have some BMW X2’s I trusted him. We went to BMW together to look at the car and of course it was the right one for me….even the colour. Cheers Pinky you ‘Sauced’ me the car which I now Drive with a Smile

Richard Payne, Senior Captain of the skies

Pinksauce leasing BMW
Thanks to Pinksauce Leasing for sorting out my new BMW 330e. Having opted out of the company car I decided to chat with Chris about the options available. Chris had already organised an Outlander for my good lady and I had mentioned my situation during a round of golf and that I would want another BMW. I asked Chris to quote me on an SE with a couple of options because I thought this would have a lower monthly payment. He informed me that the MSport actually was a better price and better car. The dealer I spoke to when my current car was in for its last service had failed to mention this so Chris’s knowledge and awareness plus better pricing won my business. With two Pinksauce Leasing cars on the drive its fair to say we would highly recommend Chris and his expertise.

Martin Smith, Goodwood Golf & Horse Racing Expert

Thank you to my good friend Chris from Pinksauce. This is my third vehicle from Chris and once again it has been so simple because he just knows the business and knows me. We had been discussing Tesla options for 5 months before my Alfa had to be returned and Chris had been keeping tabs on the market for me. We both had driven the Model 3 together and was I was sold. The prices started increasing due to over supply and residual values dropping but I was still keen. I took a call from Chris saying he was concerned that the prices were too high and that there were other options like the I-Pace that I should consider. Personally I was starting to think about the rising monthly payments but credit to Chris he knows me and knew he could be frank in his comments. He said he wouldn’t feel comfortable in supplying the Tesla at the prices being offered knowing that they would reduce. So I took his advice and went for the I-Pace which is a better car for myself and the family. I love it and thank you Pinky.

Peter Wild, Wild Wealth Management

Thanks to Chris at Pinksauce Leasing for sorting out these 2 new cars for us. Chris took our requirements and sourced some cracking deals and managed the entire process on our behalf – even when Audi built me a saloon instead of an estate (oh yes they did..!). If, like me, you are bored of showroom salesmen in white short sleeve shirts that ‘just need to go and speak to their sales manager’ and you want someone that will find you the right car and right deal for your specific needs, give Chris a buzz.

Ben Cooper, Recenseo Limited

I have known Chris for many years and I knew I could have a straight forward chat about my situation and requirements without having to engage with countless dealerships and sales people. We had a chat and a coffee at my house where Chris explained the process and all the possible outcomes then let him do what he does best. Within a couple of weeks my Touran arrived and Chris was there to make sure everything was perfect. Thanks Chris

Ben Smith, PRmoment

This has to be the easiest and hassle free car buying experience ever. I had spoken to Chris a couple of times that we might be in the market for a vehicle to transport our large family about and to keep me informed with any blinding deals. Ingrid and I had seen a couple of the Spacetourer’s on the road and chatted with Chris to see what he could organise. So within 3 weeks we were happily driving our new family wagon knowing we had the best deal and service from Pinksauce Leasing.

Aaron Child, Rafbar Plumbing

Buying a car or commercial should be enjoyable
Having worked for Manufacturers and Dealer Groups for almost 20 years, I decided the time was right to start something amazing. Some friends and customers mentioned their purchase experience felt like being on a corporate conveyor belt with no feelings or excitement.

Most felt they were part of a data capture exercise or a long drawn out sales process.

That upset me because any new purchase whether new or used should feel special to you the customer.