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About Pinksauce Leasing

Pinksauce Leasing is owned and run by myself Chris Pink along with my wife Lyndsay.

Based in Chichester we are vibrant and professional but strongly believe that buying a car or commercial should enjoyable.

Having worked for Manufacturers and Dealer Groups for almost 20 years some customers mentioned their purchase experience felt like being on a corporate conveyor belt because its all about data capture. That upset me because any purchase whether new or used should feel special to you the customer.

Therefore if you deal with Pinksauce Leasing, we will look after all the boring stuff. Let us liaise with the Dealers  so buying your new car remains fun and exciting.

In the last 5 years alone I have driven in the region of 70 new demonstrators. I still have a smile on my face when I jump into my new vehicles because I understand how important it is to inhale that new car smell. Who doesn’t enjoy counting every 100 miles as they clock over?

My children have also inherited the car bug and look out for certain “Daddy Cars” when we are out and about.

Lyndsay and I also believe in sharing our successes and this is why we champion a few Charitable Organisations which have helped our family over the years.

At Pinksauce we aim to help you ‘Sauce‘ the right vehicle at the right price.

Once we have organised everything and your vehicle is delivered we want you to enjoy the Drive.

So when Pinksauce have achieved the above we want you to Smile and tell all your friends and family why?


Chris Pink

‘Sauce’ Drive Smile