Pinksauce Leasing


If you contact Pinksauce Leasing we aim to help you ‘Sauce‘ the right vehicle at the right price. Once we have organised everything and your vehicle is delivered we want you to enjoy the Drive. Then if Pinksauce have achieved the above we want you to Smile so your friends and family ask why?

Life is to short so drive the car you deserve, so tell everyone you know to contact Chris at Pinksauce so we can make more people Smile... it takes more muscle power to frown than to Smile so its over to you…!!!

Pinksauce please help me to 'Sauce' - Drive - Smile

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01243 767121 or 07971 567807

Opening hours:

We are flexible as we have a young family so we love and need our sleep but we are awake most days between 7am and 11pm. If we can reply we will but bear with us if we don’t get back straight away. Someone under 5 foot is either being taxied to or from school, clubs or friends, is hungry or talking about being hungry, being fed or talking about being fed, being washed or hiding from being washed…….. if you’re parents you know the score.

Most of all we are teaching them to Be Loved and Be Kind.