Pinksauce Passenger seat

Observations from the Pinksauce passenger seat

Will vehicle leasing or buying, be a more or less personal experience in the future?

People have always fascinated me, everyone has a story and I do enjoy hearing about it. 

I’ve started to think a lot more about the choices we have and the decisions we make, often interdependent with many other aspects of our lives.

Given we are all spending more time working from home and overhearing conversations of our household whilst working, I feel like I’m in the passenger seat, making all the observations as a bystander. 

My seat is next to the driver of Pinksauce, my husband, Chris.  He is also now my work colleague, although we have different jobs. 

Sometimes I even get to help out if there is a dilemma he wants to talk through and I might do the same of him. 

It doesn’t matter what work you’re doing, when things involve people and their needs, there are often common themes.

How do Pinksauce Leasing choose a car?

In terms of choosing cars, I’m a bit of an A2B’er, Chris is more style and value for money and needs it to have a little bit of ‘oomph’. 

Before we got our current lease car we had MANY a conversation about it.  The car had to be big enough for a family of 4 and all the kid-based paraphernalia that we cart around. Also not too big that I wouldn’t want to drive it. 

It had to be within a budget, ideally with the full maintenance. It had to look nice but normal – not too flashy, not too boring. 

Job done, we found it, it was delivered to our address and that’s our vehicle leasing sorted for the next 3 years. We don’t have to think about it again for a while. 

I’d say the decision took about 2 months of ‘talks’.

How long do you spend choosing a vehicle?

Most people have got some sort of a wish list, sometimes they have to compromise with a partner. 

Some know exactly what they want, they know the make, model, spec, colour and mileage. Everything is all sorted in the first conversation. 

Chris likes these a lot. It makes vehicle leasing simple but he’d much rather customers get exactly what they want, rather than rush the decision.

I often wonder if those who know what they want are that efficient with all their buying? (Which makes me slightly envious!)

Then you have the other end of the scale, what do they do?

  • Think about it over several months rather than weeks,
  • Research
  • Test drive
  • More research
  • Dream
  • Talk and seek advice
  • They ask questions

For these people they enjoy the very process of that selection, that’s the exciting part for them. As much or even more than it finally arriving.

There is a middle to these extremes and the majority of us sit somewhere on a scale within the two. 

I do think our style in how we make big buying decisions says a lot about us and – for cars – how we feel about driving.

This can change throughout our lives too.

Those able to choose something they’ve been hankering after for a while, this might well be a result of a really tough journey or hard work… This is their reward!

New car smell…

For those who have never been the first owner of a car before, they finally get to enjoy that new car smell and feel and even I can admit, that’s quite special.

I can finally appreciate why the experience needs to be so personal and completely individual.

It is often the second most expensive outgoing we have and the complexities of making decisions based on many requirements.

Even if you’re an A2B’er like me, you still want to speak to someone who is going to listen to you.

Why would you want to feel like just another number at the deli counter?Who wants to go through a mundane process and complete a transaction? This is not 8 slices of wafer-thin ham and 4 scotch eggs!

Although I have heard Chris say its easier to buy a car than go food shopping at Waitrose with me.

We should never let choosing a car become impersonal – particularly in today‘s world of click and collect, self-service and on demand. 

Chris is officially classed as a broker, I’m not sure that really explains what he does but I do know that;

  • He is a listener,
  • He’s a questioner (to make sure you’ve got all the information),
  • He’s a requirement-taker,
  • A wish-list sorter

With all that said he knows vehicle leasing and most things associated with it.

Give him a ring and see how he can help you

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